Quotidian Revisions Pilot Post

Hi. Wow, you’re here, huh? Welcome. If you’re here, you might be my mom…or someone she might have told. And that’s ok! It’s fabulous to have you here, no matter who you are. Even if there only ever turns out to be two readers (mom and boyfriend?), that will be more than I ever expected. That being said, I don’t want to give you the impression that I am writing just for you yet. Someday, maybe…but for now, I am wholly invested in making myself a better writer. I’m still a student, but I’m not currently in any classes that force me to actively think about my own writing. And as I write this, actually, I am waiting for a Spanish exam to begin. I’ll probably have to take a break at some point during this first post to get that done.

The timing was right: I just took my Spanish midterm.

Back to this post: I’m creating this blog in hopes that I will be able to write when I feel like it instead of trying to “save” my ideas for later. Unfortunately, ideas wait for no one—not even their creator. You see, I have traditionally kept a handwritten journal for all of the things that I felt I needed to form coherent words and thoughts for. There are a few problems with that:
1. I don’t actually like my handwriting. I’m embarrassed about it. But since I feel like I’m a little late in the penmanship game, I’ll save myself the pain by trying to type these things. And maybe, if I don’t have to deal with my own unintelligible chicken scratches, then I will also choose to write more.
2. I keep my journal at home. I simply do not have the room in my backpack or the time in my day to take it out for a writing session. More often, I’ve got better access to technology and the internet. So it’s time to move up to an electronic way of documenting things. This way, I have an easier way to edit than I might with pen-and-paper mode.
3. Nothing is keeping me accountable for writing (or not). Not that I think you’ll be begging to hear more about my life (if you think you might, I will remind you that restraining orders exist), but I don’t do any revising so I don’t get practice with that. If I’m to post some writing for the world to see, however, I’ll be likely to invest some time in taking more than a cursory glance at it. (You don’t know this, but I was recently chided for not doing that in one of my English classes—the professor handed me my B-grade paper with a note and some advice: “Some good ideas in here. Try to spend a little energy in revising.” I was furious. You should see some of the corrections he made on my paper. To be fair, though…I wrote the thing in about an hour. It was only a two-page paper. Barely anything at all.)

I will not get as personal here as I do in that journal (which I’ll keep those more revealing or secret purposes), so don’t worry about encountering any blushingly intimate passages. I promise not to write about anything more than I might tell you if I met you face to face, in polite company. What, then, will I write about? Oh, I don’t know. Anything that pushes my mind to emerge from the realm of the mundane. Those could be private concerns (over which you might not see why I’m freaking out), or they might turn out to be things that really reach you. I hope that, if you’re reading this, you find something somewhere that you can identify with. If it’s not in my writing, then with something else. That’s one of my goals though: to be a voice that reaches out. I’m normal and you’re normal (to use that term only a little loosely), but maybe there’s something here you can use]. And maybe there’s something over there by you that works for me. There probably is. And maybe, even if I write something pretty mundane, maybe it will at least comfort you to know that someone else out there struggles and/or succeeds, too. If you’re feeling that with me, let me know. We can cultivate a little corner of humanity that way.

That’s all for now. Thanks for stopping by whoever you may be. Peace to you.



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