So I Get to Have a Blog. Now What?

This is great. I think that maybe even the sheer novelty of having site devoted to writing might encourage me to pen type my words more often. I thought for a while about just doing all that on Facebook, but that’s just not the domain that could possibly contain the kind of writing I hope to have here. Not that I’ll be all that serious–it’s just that I want this to be a little less superficial. Also, I’m not going out of my way to attribute this writing to my real identity, so perhaps it’ll help me write without feeling too judged by people I know.

Here’s how I think this is going to work: I won’t write every day, but I’ll write often. As often as I can (which may not be a lot, considering the amount of things I participate in). I will write what I want because I can, and I’ll write whenever I want to. Then, at some point, I’ll look back at all my previous posts and gape at all the writing I’ve accomplished since I began this blog. I will doubtlessly scorn some of my first posts while I take pride in the more recent ones (as I hope improvement will have happened by then). Not a lot of time to write today, due to field work and then actual work, but I felt that something written on here would be better than nothing. Even if I’m basically writing to myself.




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