First Friday for this Blog

Happy Friday!
I hope you’re well, whoever you are, and that this weekend holds good things for you.
This weekend, I’m hoping for a few more hours of sleep. My lack thereof has been half my own fault, half the fault of being a student (and still, therefore, kind of my fault…).
Having this blog already has some sort of interesting effect on me: I keep checking the stats page to see how many views this blog has gotten. Why? I haven’t promoted this at all. I haven’t even told my mom about this yet…and she would probably contribute to a decent portion of the views my page would get (mom, my biggest supporter). I think that there’s a little part of me, though, that daydreams about my writing going places. I have little fantasies about Quotidian Revisions being moderately popular in some writing circle while I sit by watching it happen (without disclosing my identity). Like some sort of pseudonymous vigilante Batman writer—only I have no traumatizing past, which would naturally cause me to go around saving people to make myself feel better about it. I might invite people to look behind the curtain someday, though, but only after I feel like this is more established. I want to have a better rhythm for this before I go more public with it. Even then, I’ll be choosy about who knows. Anyway, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that I keep writing, no matter who sees.
It’s going to be difficult to keep this up and dedicate as much time to this as I want to. I could do my homework, or I could write. I could send all the emails I need to send out, or I could make a post. I could be social with the people sitting next to me…or I could be a little hermit and invest my word energy into something written. That’ll be a case-by-case thing. I could also be trying to make mountains out of molehills right here. That’s ok. I’m still pretty psyched that I have this going at all. Until next time.




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