Marionette Dolls: Not as Lighthearted as We Thought

This post is primarily to allow me experiment with adding media to a post, but I’ll be doing that while I share with you something I’ve recently discovered.

I’m in an acting class, and our next assignment is to do lip syncing scenes using songs that our professor has assigned to each of us. Mine is “I Fall to Pieces” by Patsy Cline. I have no idea why that was what she chose for me, and at first I wasn’t very thrilled with the song. I was on the verge of requesting a new song assignment when, upon the fourth listen in a row, I was inspired. I’ll “fall to pieces” as a marionette doll who’s in a one-sided relationship with a teddy bear. Since my epiphany, I’ve been psyched to work on it! Here’s that song:

Since I had no idea how to look or move like a marionette doll, I went looking for samples. I was envisioning things that would be like the “Lonely Goatherd” song in Sound of Music. There are, indeed, plenty of whimsical depictions of these dated toys, but there are just as many macabre and haunting ones. Like:

One of the cute-but-sad band of marionette depictions

Or this somber video here:

What is it about marionettes that inspires people to be creepy? Maybe it’s the idea of being involuntarily mastered by someone much bigger, or the fear of not having the freedom to be in control of one’s actions. Or maybe it’s the appeal of having the freedom of not being responsible for those actions. Either way, there’s a tiny nightmarish thread that runs through the search engine hits when marionette puppets are involved. It helps that Halloween is coming up, too. Even if it weren’t, there are still little elements of horror that color some of our perceptions of marionettes.

Even though many children own dolls (those small toy representations of humans), there’s something subliminally spooky about them. The unflinching eyes, the constant stare…waiting.

I’ll leave you with that: something to think about for the weekend. Adieu!





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