You Know Me SO Well…

In response to the Daily Prompt entitled “By Hand,” here are two things which were made for me and of which I am fond:

First is a gift that a roommate once made for me while we were still living together in the residence hall on campus. She painted this on her own and gave it to me as a Christmas gift. It means a lot to me because A) I think handmade presents are wonderful, and B) She picked one of the best quotes for me imaginable. See below:


If the words are unclear, it says, “Genius is more often found in a cracked pot than a whole one. -E.B. White.” It’s the quote for because although I do love my learning and sharing of knowledge, I am, indeed, a little cracked and crazy. I don’t however, boast at being a genius–let’s be clear. It’s just that, when we looked at our little suite of residents, we all knew who the slightly off-color one was. I, therefore, was gifted this beautiful rendering of the quote (in good humor, of course)!

I have one more, which gets even more valuable to me in the winter months, and that is the quilt my Aunt made for me before I began college. It’s a lovely shade of blue, and one side has dragonflies on it:


I’m so cold all of the time! It’s really the blanket that keeps me the warmest, and it was made just for me!

Both of these gifts are important to me because they were made with me in mind, which makes me feel like a special person. That is precisely why handmade gifts are the best: they give off that I-made-this-just-for-you-because-I-know-you-well-enough-to-know-you’d-like-it feeling to them. That kind of sentiment gives you warm fuzzies on the inside and reminds you that there are people who love you so much and know you that well. Hmmm!



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