What Matters: Friends, Fermented Soy Beans, Coffee, and Health

So everyone has some good advice to send to their younger selves. You think, “Ooh, if only I knew that when I was [however many] years old…” or something to that effect.

In response to a Daily Post prompt in Good Tidings to my eleven-year-old self, here’s what I might say:

Ok. I’ve got a few things to tell you. And I’m doing this in good faith that this is merely an exercise and it won’t change anything. Nothing can change, because everything that’s happened to me has made me who I am. I will give you only hints, no specific tips. Ok? We need to have these experiences, even if we don’t really want them. Without them, the me of today would be different. We might be able to do without the little things that go awry, but I only remember the big things–which are also the things that cannot change. I don’t remember the rest of the things. There’s something for you: we get frustrated easily. You knew that, but be mindful. Remember to keep in mind which things are the big things that you should fret about and which are the things that you could really let go of. We’re worriers, too, so we never really have a problem about not taking things seriously. Instead, we like to take too many things seriously. To decide which is which, step back and ask yourself: “Will this matter tomorrow?” If yes, then ask yourself if it’ll matter in a year. In five years. In ten. Most everyone has a problem with this, and you’ll probably have trouble deciding on the things that will matter to you when you’re twenty or thirty. You’re only eleven, after all. So…just keep it in mind.

Here’s a little thing that I do remember and I think we could avoid: don’t try the fermented soy beans. You’ll be curious, but resist. Please. Some people like to eat this every day but you are not one of those people.

Also, think about your friends. Which are the ones who are making you a better person? Consider that, and be careful. When you have an idea about which ones are worth the trouble, make sure that you spend time and energy keeping up those relationships. I know that sounds weird, but one of the best ways to keep a good friend is to be there (in person) for them. You don’t need help being sympathetic, but your presence can be just as important. Don’t be afraid.

Also, it really is ok to be an introvert. Don’t think that it’s a bad thing because you feel like you should be with friends all of the time because everyone else seems to be doing. You’re you, and that’s just fine. You are loved, and that will continue to be true if you stay true to yourself and what kind of person you want to be.

You say that you’ll never drink coffee NOW, but you will eat your words. Tea is nice enough, but it does not have the same super powers that coffee has. College will make an addict out of you. Be at peace with that.

Finally, healthy is the best goal for your body and mind. Strive for that, wherever possible. Seriously.

Be well, younger self. You’ll be just fine! ❤




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