Consulate Waiting: Nadie está disponible

Today’s Daily Post prompt is called “Waiting Room,” and it asks about how long it’s reasonable to wait for something you really want. I have the capacity to be patient if it pays to be patient. But once it becomes apparent that I am holding my breath for nothing, then I’m so outta there. Example: when someone is angry with me, I know that I need to wait before seeing that everything is fixed up. I know to wait until that person is good and ready to see me again before I try to obtain forgiveness. That’s frustrating because it upsets me when someone close to me is angry with me–I keep feeling sorrier and sorrier, so it starts to wear me out after a while. I really want that forgiveness, though, so I’ll play the waiting game until I can get it.

Do you know what else I wanted recently? My visa which permits me to live in Spain for a semester come January. I wanted it SO badly. If I don’t get it, I don’t go study abroad in the Spring. Soon after I applied, though, the consulate called me to tell me that I was missing something which I knew they had. I began to freak out and call them every day, and worried myself to shreds. I had time to reapply if I had to, but I definitely wanted to avoid that, and I wanted to inform them that it had to be there and that I’d send another ASAP if I needed to (it takes me two hours by coach bus to get there, so it would’ve been difficult to go tell them myself). The first day, I could only hold for forty minutes. The next, I stayed on hold for an hour and a half. The third day, I held for another forty-five minutes. Not a soul answered. Why offer a phone number if they refuse to answer to it? I don’t know. The message, “Un momento….Nadie está disponible para tomar la llamada” became the tortuous background of my week after they first called. I absolutely wore myself out.

I had even asked the Study Abroad office about what I could do to get this settled. They said that the consulate doesn’t like to use the phone, but they do like email. So I sent at least twenty emails in between the calls that I did make (some of them even included an electronic copy of the thing they said they were missing). No one deigned to answer those. Or leave a voicemail. I was at work, so I missed the one time they called back. I missed it by a minute precisely. A voicemail would have stopped my incessant calling, and I know they are capable: they left a voicemail the first time when they told me that part of my paperwork was missing. But no. Not even a “Stop calling already! Everything’s fine!” Goodness. I gave up trying, thinking that I would know soon enough. I would get my passport back at some point with or without the visa, and then I would know what to do.

Then, with very little fanfare, I found my passport with the visa stuffed in my mailbox. I rejoiced, but honestly. It would have been nice to get some sort of confirmation. And I understand that they probably get too many calls like that in a day, but something. Anything. Anyway, at least I have it. I’m clear to go study abroad in Spain next semester! You’ll be finding a blog about my adventures sometime around January. I’m so excited!




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