The Cousins Who Don’t Fit

Daily Post wants to know now about the oddballs in our family in the prompt entitled Cousin It. There are a couple options here, and one of them includes me.

On my mom’s side, we have my cousin and his wife, and we’re pretty close. They’re the oddballs in the family because sometimes they say and do things a little differently than the rest of the family, and it can be quite blatant. Sometimes this causes a rift, but usually it’s ok. They’re more…free-spirited?

As for me, I’m not sure how I happened sometimes. There are many ways that I fit in perfectly, but there are other times when I stick out plainly (never completely one or the other).

But mostly, we’re all weird so we all fit together. I might adjust that answer after Thanksgiving.

Sorry this is a short and curt post–the end of the semester is coming, and there is much to do.



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