Bathroom Evangelism: Read the Writing on the Stall

Yep, Bathroom Evangelism. I don’t know what it’s like in the men’s restroom, but many women’s restrooms have writing scrawled all over the bathroom stalls. Sometimes it’s permanent marker, but most of the time it’s in pen. That’s significant because it etches itself into the paint on the stall so that someone has to strip the current pain and add a new layer when it comes time to get rid of the graffiti. The topics of these scrawling range from obscene comments of sexual nature to sad comments that attempt to reach out from the gloom…to apparently testimonies for Christ.

Below are samples from a single wall in the restroom I found last week–I never thought I would write about this, but you can’t help but look at these things while you’re there. Readily available reading material. Anyway, see below:

These are the words which fill up most of the wall: “God loves you no matter how hard you try to deny Him because of your pain and your hurt. [All] evidence (to which someone wrote “Cite your sources!”) points to the fact that there is a God who loves us and sent His Son Jesus to die for you and I. I know you are thinking what if it’s a lie but for a moment consider this: What if God is not a lie? What if He is true and real? Don’t deny Him because of your pain. Challenge it”

Written in various places around that paragraph are:

“You’re too dumb to think for yourself, huh?”

“SHUT UP! Who cares! Just let us poop in peace!”<–“Amen. Who takes to a bathroom stall to preach about God?”

“I don’t believe in religion but I do believe in pigeons.”

“Karma exists with or without a God.”

The original message was not bad, but I only have one thing to say about it: there is a time and place for everything, especially preaching the Word. This was neither of those. The bathroom…to talk about God. Although the idea behind having this message in a highly visible area wasn’t bad, there are far better places to talk about it where people will take this message seriously.

This extends to preachers who come to campus (or sometimes even street corners) yell at people as they walk about campus. Especially when it’s warm outside, people like to stand in a highly visible area to force their words on people who are not actually paying much attention to them. And the furthermore expect people to listen to them, or that someone will be saved by being yelled at. This method is a prime example of evangelism that is happening at neither the right time nor the right place. More on that later: I’ve written about that for a class. I’m in a New Testament class (which talks about the NT as a piece of literature which affected other kinds of literature), and we were recently assigned to create an epistle to a church (in the style of Paul). I’ll post that sometime. (Here it is!)

Bathroom Evangelism, although (somewhat) less forceful than the yelling in the street kind, feels disrespectful of the Word of God and of the people who are not ready to hear it. Keep it classy, fellow Christians.

Any more documentations of ridiculous bathroom stall evangelism? I’d be interested to hear.




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3 responses to “Bathroom Evangelism: Read the Writing on the Stall

  1. RNE

    Good point. Especially writings like that being disrespectful.


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