Thank you, Pumpkin Ale and Doctor Who. Thank you.

Today, Pumpkin Ale, I am Grateful and Guilty. They have all those jokes about white girls and their beloved pumpkin spice lattes, but I refuse to let myself fall into that category completely (I don’t like those all that much anyway. If anything, my favorite holiday drink is the peppermint mocha). With you, I can skirt the stereotype a little. And you, you are so much better, anyway! Seriously. You have a nice mellow taste that that makes me feel like a warm fire in the den with my family. I can enjoy this pumpkin taste while making myself feel all warm and cozy on the inside, thanks to you. I know that I could probably do without you, but I’d rather not. Our time together is short, so I want to enjoy you while I can. For this brief season you top the list above my favorite stouts, lagers, and porters (and Spotted Cow). You’re so tasty!

And you! Doctor Who! How can I go back after having discovered you? You bring everyone to the depths and reaches of time and space. Who could possbly ask for more? I’ve never been so into a series that I hug my pillow (or someone’s arm) for most of the show. I want a ride in that TARDIS, probably just like the rest of the Whovian population. I want to mess around with the sonic screwdriver and talk to beings from all over the universe. I’ll skip the danger, though, thanks. I’m ok to watch that, I think. Anyway, thank you for your brilliant work and endearing characters! It’s quite wonderful, and I’ll probably be a fan for the rest of my life.

Thank you, my loves. You’re just so wonderful!



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