Cooking for Nobody, Baking for Everyone

Today’s Daily Prompt is about the most complicated meal we’ve ever made, the title being “Shaken and Stirred.

The problem for me is that I haven’t cooked any wildly elaborate meals which I can remember. At the moment, simplicity is the ultimate goal. When I was living at home, though, I did have a cooking stint. I had all of these really great cookbooks which captivated me and instilled a bit of chef spirit in me. I made things like Pumpkin Ravioli (which was a lot of work but was worth it), kale stuffing (for Thanksgiving), three bean salad, and avocado fettuccini. The recipes I have named worked out very well (I thought), but for the most part I ate them by myself. Why? I come from a family that doesn’t always like to try weird recipes (even though I had picked the tamer ones to try…). My biggest supporter was my mom, of course, who did enjoy some of these and helped me finish them after I’d made them. My dad, a good sport, would take a polite bite, maybe finish of the rest of his helping, but gracefully refrain from asking for more. He didn’t want to crush my feelings, but he definitely wasn’t prepared for another helping. If I asked him outright, however, he would be honest. After a while, I could tell what he might like and what might flop for him. My brother might do one of two things if he didn’t like it: 1) take a bite, make a little face, shake his head tightly, and mutter a “nope,” or 2) go ahead and tell me that the thing was gross, or figure out some other forthright expression to tell me so. The upside to this is that, if he liked it, he’d come out and tell me so, too.

These days, I don’t have time to cook much anyway, but I do like to bake. I haven’t made anything elaborate in a long time, but I recently made some pumpkin bread, which was nice. I like making orange blossom cookies with fresh orange juice in them…those are to die for. I also recently made some sugar cutout cookies for a baby shower, which were very pretty. Usually, my baked items go over more easily than the things I cook. That’s fine! I generally enjoy baking more anyway. It’s much more relaxing, I feel, than cooking. I also tend to get better results. I’ll be making a pumpkin pie this weekend for Thanksgiving, and I’m SO EXCITED for that. Pumpkin pie is my favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal. I’ll be making a sugar-free turtle pumpkin pie (to coincide with the diabetic needs of the people attending dinner). So so so very excited!




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2 responses to “Cooking for Nobody, Baking for Everyone

  1. Have a great Thanksgiving. I enjoyed your post.


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