Thanksgiving Thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Enjoy time with your families, cooking food, or whatever it is you do with your day off (if you’re able to have one).

In today’s Daily Prompt is Never Too Late:

There are lots of people I forget to thank, unfortunately. When I feel rushed or busy or just grumpy, I forget that there are still other people in the world who are just doing their jobs and living their lives. So when someone does something for me during those times, I accidentally brush them off. Then I’ll walk away and remember that I haven’t thanked them for what they did for me, and I consider the idea of running back to thank them. I don’t, though, because I feel like it would be unnecessarily awkward to go back and try to thank the person so far after the fact. I walk away feeling a bit guilty and ready to thank the next person who needs thanks immediately. So, thank you all you random people in my life who I forget to thank. You’re awesome, really!

This has been a short post because I’m off to go spend time with family. See ya!



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