Leftover Biriyani Sandwich

Today, the Daily Post is asking us to serve up a Leftover Sandwich, where we take something that we chose not to include in our past posts and make something tasty from it. This is an intriguing prompt, but I don’t think I’ve got anything yet. This blog is very young yet, so leftovers are slim pickings. Anything that I’ve decided to leave out have been so insignificant that I don’t remember it. They have been word and sentence-level elisions, not big idea ones.

Instead, I’ll share a bit about this year’s Thanksgiving experience. It’s new because it’s my first one away from home and immediate family. I’ve spent it with my boyfriend and his family, and for the first time in about four or five years, I’ve participated in Black Friday festivities. Stayed out until 3 am this morning! I consequently fell into nap mode and almost forgot to write my post of the day. Oops!

Anyway, it wasn’t the usual Thanksgiving, but it was interesting! His family doesn’t really celebrate Thanksgiving (it wasn’t really on their radar until they moved here to the U.S.), and this year everyone else they usually spend it with is busy. So we spent the day at his sister’s house, noshing on biriyani and idli and chutney and curry. Good stuff! I’m never ever disappointed with the food she cooks! Always delicious. We watched a few shows and enjoyed each other’s company. Then, we made plans for Black Friday (a holiday which they seem to observe just as religiously as all the other big holidays).

For shopping, we bundled ourselves up in jackets and went first to Wal-Mart. I picked out a cheap computer for travel and to eventually replace the computer I currently have which is on its last legs (which I saved up for). The people were extraordinarily nice! I expected so much worse, as the last time I went to something like this people were getting feisty and sassy and pushy. Not so this time, thankfully. Everyone was civil. I got some gifts for people and a few more things for myself at various other stores and called it a day.

Now we’re home, chilling again, and it feels good. And the weather is at least 40 degrees warmer than it is at home, so I took a walk to celebrate that. Haven’t relaxed like this in a while.

I hope that your day has been wonderful, restful, and happy, too!



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