Snow Day Avalanche

Today’s Daily Post has its writers trapped Under the Snow today! I’ll have to get myself in the spirit for this one: I’m six hours from home in a warmer climate than usual, so it actually feels like late Spring out here. Home for me is up north closer to Canada, but now I’m down south a bit, where the highest temperature of the day was double that of the one at home. That is the only reason for me not wanting to go back.

So. An avalanche has fallen upon my lovely abode, wherever that is. Here’s what I think about that.

What? What what what? I’m alive. I’m cold. I’m alive. Where am I? What happened? I don’t want to be alive right now. Huddle huddle, it’s so cold. What do I do? What do I DO? Call for help. Right now.

A few minutes after using the last bit of radio…

*Various types of spoken profanity* I’ve got to make it through the night–they can’t get to me now. I wish I were with someone. We could cuddle to keep warm if I liked them enough. Fine, though. I’m alive, that’s good. But I don’t want to be here. Isn’t it a ridiculous thing, to wish against one’s presence in a place? It’s not like I could just walk out the door to a fireplace-lit room…Wait, stop. So cold! Fire. How? Trees? Would they be too wet to light up? Don’t be wet don’t be wet don’t be wet. Dry enough, it turns out. Pocket lighter to the rescue. I could build an igloo to keep warm…? Done. Man, I want to be home now. I don’t want to have to build that right now. I’m so scared and exhausted already. But I’ve got to. Then I can pull an all-nighter and sing to myself or something while I munch the granola bars in my pocket. But what if they can’t find me? What if I die here? What if all they finally find is a frozen corpse of me? This can’t be it for me. Well…If it’s to be then it will happen. Fine. That’s a decent igloo. Food. Water. Rebuild fire. Hunch into myself for warmth. Sing as many songs as I know until I’m saved, fall asleep, or die. But seriously: I hope they come soon. I’m so scared. I miss home, I miss mom and dad and my boyfriend and my room and my blankets and my food and my stove…what are all the warm things I can think of? Think think think. I can’t let my mind slow down. I’ll be home soon enough. I hope.



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