It Gets Real: The Charles Dickens Brand of Extreme.

There’s a Daily Post Prompt today entitled An Extreme Tale. It goes like this:
“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”
–Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities

When was the last time that sentence accurately described your life?

The real question is: when does it not?

Life is so much of everything that it’s, for the most part, both the best and the worst. The real distinct moments are the ones which are purely one or the other…which is almost never. The worst of times includes topics which I don’t really feel like getting into at the moment, so I’m going to talk about the best of times today.

One that I really remember is the day I got my braces of. I was so happy that I went and bought an apple to eat off the core and ate it despite my sore teeth (the actual process of getting braces removed is a bit arduous, so it leaves your mouth feeling like you may at any moment lose your so-carefully-straightened teeth).

Another is when I graduated high school. I didn’t feel ready for college yet, but it was a wonderful time of friendship and warmth with people I spent eight years with. And I was so proud of my accomplishments in school that nothing could bring me down. I was quite invincible.

Yet another is the day I began to officially date the man who is now my boyfriend. He definitely creates more of the purely good days, and he creates a balance for the bad days by knowing just how to cheer me up. It’s so good!

Those are just a few! There are more where those came from, but I’ll leave that there for now. This is one of those times when the worst feels like it’s going to win, so it’s difficult to recall all of the good times. Perhaps, when I’m feeling better, I’ll come back and add things to this post. For now, though, this suffices. And now, onward to continue living the best/worst life.



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