Today, I am writing a post about mushrooms, because I think they’re fascinating. I especially love watching the time lapse videos and GIFs cataloging their growth. See below:

Mushrooms are not only good to watch and to eat! They have many more medicinal and earth-friendly uses. See this article by Kenneth Miller about How Mushrooms Can Save the World.

And great for cooking:


Aside from being generally awesome and fun to observe, they’re nature’s recyclers, which is definitely something to applaud.

Maybe it’s just the shape that I like: jellyfish are also things I love to look at:

I don’t have anything really productive to say about these beautiful organisms today. I’m just professing my love for them. But really, how cool is all that?




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4 responses to “MUSHROOMS

  1. Melissa Shaw-Smith

    Mushrooms do it for me too. Thanks for sharing those great images.


  2. Fascinating Fungi Forever! Great GIFs. 🙂


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