Kick the Bucket

Hey all! I’ve been away…been posting less frequently this month due to school wrapping up. I’ve been trying to get back into writing something up more often. But it’s Sunday, and I have only one paper and final left, so I should have a moment to do what I want! Today’s Daily Post prompt wants us to write a Kick the Bucket list (a list of things we’d never want to do). I had some trouble trying to think up some things that were not on my lifelong dream list, mostly because we tend not to ruminate on things that we don’t want to do. But here we go!
I would never want to:

1. Work in a political position
2. walk around without a jacket in Antarctica
3. spend Christmas alone
4. Bungee jump off a bridge
5. Eat bugs

So there are few things I would not like to try…but these seem like unimaginative things for an anti-bucket list. Let’s see what if I can do any better than that. I would not want to:

6. Read any more of Fifty Shades of Grey (I got through a quarter of the first book before I found it too ridiculous to go on)
7. Go into a dark alley that is not lamp lit (or no alley at night at all)
8. Be involved in a real-life version of Person of Interest
9. Share a house with cockroaches (even if they don’t bite me or infest my food) (Actually, I don’t think I want any bugs there. Outside is fine)
10. Live in a house without books

There. I think that will suffice for now! It took me about a half an hour to think up those ten. That’ll do for now. I shall now concentrate on what I would like to do: pass all of my exams/papers with spectacular grades!




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4 responses to “Kick the Bucket

  1. You are the fourth blogger I read on this prompt who doesn’t want anything to do with 50 shades… 🙂 I never even bothered with it. What makes it so bad?


    • quotidianrevision

      Wow, I bet! Not only do I not care for the extra sex and beating around of the protagonist (although she is willing to let it happen), I don’t enjoy the writing style at all. Many people take issue, though with the domestic abuse-like theme of the books…there are factions of people who do actually enjoy that stuff, but I don’t think it’s something that everyone wanted to see in popular culture (for reasons like not encouraging real-life domestic abuse). That’s all I know, though! I stopped paying attention to it. The series sticks out in my mind, though, because it is one of the very few books I’ve tried to read that I don’t finish or even enjoy at all.
      Thanks for stopping by and for commenting!

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      • Thank you for such a wonderful response. All I heard (since I avoid detailed book reviews for they are stocked with spoilers and I hate being prejudiced) was it was in the erotica genre. I thought, bah!, don’t need that. After knowing more now, I am going to continue keeping my distance with 50 Shades.

        Liked by 1 person

      • quotidianrevision

        Oh, no problem! Glad I could help out! But yeah. That’s probably a good plan! There are likely better things out there to be read. 🙂


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