I could talk to everyone!

Today’s Daily Post Prompt (entitled “Brain Power“) sounds as though it was inspired by the recent movie called Lucy:

If I had the ability to unlock the other 90% of the cerebral capacity of my brain, I would learn all of the languages of this world. That’s always been my first wish for myself! Then I could talk to people (anyone in the world!) and hear their stories, listen to their music, read their books, really experience the culture. I would also be sure to learn the language so that I sound like a native. Blending in would be nice.
After that, I would look at how to be of the most benefit to the rest of the world (now that I can talk to all of them). Maybe it’s curing a disease or something. If my brain is that powerful, then that shouldn’t be such a daunting endeavor. Maybe there’s something more complex to do that would not have been an option for 10%-brain-capacity-me. I’m not sure! Either way, I would learn a lot. That would be the primary objective after I’ve learned to make use of the rest of my mind.
After I’m done doing some of that, I bet I’d go back to teaching again. I would teach people whatever language they want to learn. That way, more people know more language, so more communication can happen!
My desires are simple. Besides these things, I don’t know what I’d do with such a gift. Even if I was given only the ability to speak, read, write, and understand all languages, I’d probably be happy enough, actually.



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