Getting Ever Better

For today’s Daily Prompt post, Enough is Enough, I’m writing about something that has actually been inhabiting my recent posts. The good thing is that I’m getting better about it. The last time I threw in the towel and walked away was when I knew that it was evident that I wasn’t going to study abroad anymore. After I knew that I had pulled out all of the stops I could and done whatever I might be able to do, I was finished. I was trapped with the decision, so in flew the towel which I had been clutching with a death grip. At first, I spread my tears over that forlorn metaphorical towel (frequently). Then I glared at it and tried to figure out ways to pick it up again. I kept getting angry and jealous when I stole glances at people who had not been forced to toss in the towel and give up a dream. Now I’m at a point where I must either let the towel-throwing decision control me or decide to finally walk away for good and try not to look at it ever again. I’ve taken a few steps back now, but I haven’t completely turned my back on that towel in the middle of the fighting ring. To be continued.



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