Curating Your Bookshelf: Unlikely Additions

If your bookshelf is like a group of your friends, should I boot the book that I-had-to-read-for-class-but-detested out of my social circle? It would be like excommunicating the misunderstood one who still contributed something to the conversation…even though I felt that he had nothing to say.

If your bookshelf is like a collection of accomplishments (like how hunters stuff and display their trophies), then do I disregard the one I stuggled through (signifying a greater accomplishment), though I did not enjoy the struggle? Or do I keep the thing to remind me that I have still conquered it, made it to the end of the novel?

If your bookshelf is like an accumulated collection of information and stories, wouldn’t giving away this book mean that I would no longer own a piece of information which could potentially have been referred to on a whim when I wanted to?

Decisions, decisions. I think I shall keep this book, though, because I have finished it and I feel that this alone is gratifying. I feel nothing more for this novel. But I got a grade for reading it, too. Bonus.



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