Earth Week Terrarium

I’ve acquired a new plant…for FREE!!! My the Conservation Club and Arts & Crafts Center on campus hosted an Earth day event yesterday for students to create their own terrariums. I had this event on my calendar and I had been eagerly awaiting this event for at least a week. And I was not disappointed! They supplied everything: glass containers, pebbles, charcoal, moss, succulent soil, the succulents, and even the little what-nots for decorating the terrarium. I was OVERJOYED to have the opportunity to plant a new succulent and bring it home with me, and so was the long line of people who came to attend this event. Mine turned out pretty well:

Earth Week Terrarium

I did learn about the purpose of the moss between the soil and the charcoal/pebbles: it is to allow water (but not soil) to drain into the pebbles so that the succulent as better chances of not suffering from root rot. This is solid information, so I’m going to need to obtain a bag of moss for future projects.

I am in love with terrariums. If you were to look at my Pinterest board called Indoor Greenery, you’d find them ALL over the place. They fascinate me. The original purpose of terrariums was to create a controlled little ecosystem for plants to live in, but now they’re mostly for decorative purposes–I love them either way. I therefore intend to make more as more funds become available. The one I have pictured here is obviously a decorative one: due to the shallowness of the bowl, it’s really just a pot containing a plant. For it to be a terrarium, the bowl would need to be much deeper in order to create the semi-closed environment for the plant. Regardless, I love this little plant already and I’m very happy about how it turned out!



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