A Guide to Human Things

Greetings fellow living being!

You have entered one of many collections of information which is intended to help non-human beings understand the dominant life form ( so we believe) on the planet Earth. This is Guide to Human Things (GHT) does not replace real experience on this planet, but it may provide background tips for your observations of this particular life form. You can use the GHT to inform yourself on what to expect while acquainting yourself with these beings and to help yourself blend in if you choose to perform your research in the field. The entries are organized in the order in which the topic of the post was discovered, in reverse chronological order. Upon the completion of our term on this planet, we will further organize our research entries for your convenience.

Because our ability to travel around the planet has been restricted by the availability of fuel for our ships, most of our entries pertain to the midwest area of a portion of land which Earthlings call the “United States of America.” Despite our limited mobility, some of these posts will certainly pertain to many humans from many places. We have found similarities which seem to apply to many types of humans. We do warn you, however, that there is much diversity! Even posts which apply to a portion or most of the humans, there is a chance that certain ideas will not be received the same way by everyone in the same community. You must use discretion with your actions among the humans. Be sensitive to how they are receiving your words and actions. This will help you to further assimilate into the culture (Note: not all humans are this kind to each other. Very often they don’t mind causing problems amongst themselves). Once you understand the differences between the various types of human, you will find it easier to accommodate for their personalities.

Thank you for your patronage! Please enjoy this Guide to Human Things.


Your Friendly Earth Research Team


P.S.: Please inform us if there is anything we can add to our collection of entries so that our GHT may be more complete.



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