String of Pearl Plant…Finally!

I have been waiting for MONTHS for my local plant shop to have these babies in stock. I didn’t want to try to order them online, because I feared they wouldn’t make the trip. Instead, I kept visiting the shop, checking to see if they were in or not. Last week, they were! I couldn’t wait to plant this darling, so when I did I spammed my Facebook feed with pictures of the finished product (I was SO excited). This is the string of pearls plant (Senecio rowleyanus), and it’s one of the most unique specimens I’ve ever seen in real life. You can see why I was so pumped for it:

It’s a succulent, so I layered the glass bowl with pea gravel, charcoal, and succulent/cacti soil (I did not have any moss, but I just couldn’t wait any more).

I thought about purchasing a bigger glass container to make it into a full-fledged terrarium, but I decided against it in favor of allowing the delicate little tendrils fall over the edge of the containter.

I’m so, SO happy with how it turned out, and I’ll be looking to add to my collection soon!



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Earth Week Terrarium

I’ve acquired a new plant…for FREE!!! My the Conservation Club and Arts & Crafts Center on campus hosted an Earth day event yesterday for students to create their own terrariums. I had this event on my calendar and I had been eagerly awaiting this event for at least a week. And I was not disappointed! They supplied everything: glass containers, pebbles, charcoal, moss, succulent soil, the succulents, and even the little what-nots for decorating the terrarium. I was OVERJOYED to have the opportunity to plant a new succulent and bring it home with me, and so was the long line of people who came to attend this event. Mine turned out pretty well:

Earth Week Terrarium

I did learn about the purpose of the moss between the soil and the charcoal/pebbles: it is to allow water (but not soil) to drain into the pebbles so that the succulent as better chances of not suffering from root rot. This is solid information, so I’m going to need to obtain a bag of moss for future projects.

I am in love with terrariums. If you were to look at my Pinterest board called Indoor Greenery, you’d find them ALL over the place. They fascinate me. The original purpose of terrariums was to create a controlled little ecosystem for plants to live in, but now they’re mostly for decorative purposes–I love them either way. I therefore intend to make more as more funds become available. The one I have pictured here is obviously a decorative one: due to the shallowness of the bowl, it’s really just a pot containing a plant. For it to be a terrarium, the bowl would need to be much deeper in order to create the semi-closed environment for the plant. Regardless, I love this little plant already and I’m very happy about how it turned out!


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Rivulet: A Word Study


noun (riv-yuh-lit)

A small stream; streamlet; brook

Origin: 1580-90; earlier rivolet < Italian rivoletto, diminutive of rivolo < Latin rivulus (small stream); French rivulet; English “riveret”


  • Rivulets of rain gliding down the window pane
  • Ivory creamer cascading in rivulets to the bottom of a clear mug of ebony coffee
  • She cried in small rivulets down her cheeks
  • A blue rivulet in the forest that (when he left his feet in the water) hugged his toes for in consolation for something unknown

I am fascinated by this word today because “rivulet” sounds like its definition: the “r” is a rounded consonant that emulates the curled head of a wave of water, and the following “-iv-u-let” has three bouncing syllables that sound like that wavering wake of a rush of liquid, curling again with the “l” in the final syllable. When I hear this word, my mind’s eye sees lolling, gentle streams of water for me, which is calming. I also like to say this word out loud to feel it on my lips.


(Definition courtesy of

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For the Love of Boston!

I went to Boston over Spring Break! What a trip…

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Dear Peaceful Purple Lady at the Airport

Dear Peaceful Purple Lady at the Airport,

You possess a peace within you, I can tell. It makes you glow while you float around here in a purple and white haze with a slight grin on your face, like you’re happy to be here. Glad to be here, of all places, at the airport. Among people hustling and shuffling with furrowed brows and sweat slipping down the sides of their faces. I am one of these people who can’t stand the loud voices and idiosyncrasies of all the other humans today. You have a peace which I have not got at the moment. I am deeply annoyed at the inner workings of the airport, even though I fully understand that this is what airports do. I am repulsed by all the other burdened travelers, even though I know that they’re just trying to get somewhere too. And I only barely manage not to begrudge the airline employees, even though they’re pretty kind for people who work a thankless job. I feel bad for not being able to tolerate this, because it is no one’s fault, really. But you are apparently unfazed. You stopped at my side while we were boarding, your black coat with magenta flowers brushing against my grey one, and asked, “You’re Zone Two?” I was so exhausted that I just nodded feeling like a big tired pool of blue. You grinned a little more and then left me, sensing that there was no more conversation to be had there. You were right, but I was glad to meet you anyway. Now here you are, past the worst frustration storm of baggage claim, already having magically claimed your luggage. While the creases in my forehead are beginning to look permanent, you stand there beaming gently at someone you’re talking to. Lucky person. Someday, I will float like you. But not today. Today, I just want to go home and have a nap and be done with this.
Have a great weekend, Peaceful Purple Lady.

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You Do You and I’ll Do Me…Confidently.

In response to the Daily Post’s prompt, I Have Confidence in Me:

It reads: “Are you good at what you do? What would you like to be better at?”

But what is it, exactly, that I do? The most accurate response I can think of for that is that “I do me.” My own particular flavor of me that is unique to me only. I’ve got:

  • a whole lot of learning (as a student learning to be a teacher, that’s kind of the basis for my entire life)
  • Galatians 5:22-23
  • a couple dashes of sisterhood
  • a generous handful of daughter-hood
  • a heap of friendship
  • impatience (no time to care about how much)
  • enough coffee for a daily serving
  • a cloud of pensiveness
  • a heavy dusting of authorship
  • a heart-full of love, generosity, and kindness with a ratio of 4:2:2
  • various measures of stubbornness and inner stability

These are just some of the first things that come to mind. No matter how confident I am in them, there will always (*always*) be space for me to be better at them.


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Curating Your Bookshelf: Unlikely Additions

If your bookshelf is like a group of your friends, should I boot the book that I-had-to-read-for-class-but-detested out of my social circle? It would be like excommunicating the misunderstood one who still contributed something to the conversation…even though I felt that he had nothing to say.

If your bookshelf is like a collection of accomplishments (like how hunters stuff and display their trophies), then do I disregard the one I stuggled through (signifying a greater accomplishment), though I did not enjoy the struggle? Or do I keep the thing to remind me that I have still conquered it, made it to the end of the novel?

If your bookshelf is like an accumulated collection of information and stories, wouldn’t giving away this book mean that I would no longer own a piece of information which could potentially have been referred to on a whim when I wanted to?

Decisions, decisions. I think I shall keep this book, though, because I have finished it and I feel that this alone is gratifying. I feel nothing more for this novel. But I got a grade for reading it, too. Bonus.


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