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Cat-Calling Bikes on the Street

For Stephanie 

“Mmhmmm, baby, look at those spokes! They spin me right ’round!”

“Hey honey, why don’t you roll my way?”

“Oooh yeah, I’d ride you in a second…with a helmet on.”

“Hooo-weee, you got some sturdy handlebars. Can I hold on to them?”

And then the bicycles felt that the bike oglers were objectifying them

(which, of course, was indeed happening)

so they filmed “Ten Hours of Riding on the Street” while they rode around town

with hidden cameras attached to their frames.

From this, they hoped to spread awareness for bicycle rights:

bicycles have a right to not be looked at as some piece of hot metal which requires validation by people.

People who just cannot help themselves when they see a snazzy bike

would have to hold their cat-calls in.

Instead, they may either say things like,

“I appreciate the ease with which you carry your load. You are obviously very sturdy in character,”

or “Have a nice day,”

or they may just take notice, turn their heads, and walk away.

And that was the end of the unappreciation of the bicycles.



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